In the Look Me personally Aside, Imogen turns up late having French group

She actually starts to expose a venture, however, she slices away from whenever Luke helps make fun out-of her. Imogen cannot know what’s happening and you may Madame Jean-Aux tells the woman she will not wear a good bra. Imogen apologizes, but Jean-Aux tells the lady going the place to find have one. Imogen try shocked you to definitely Madame knocked their away from group as she just forgot to put on an effective bra.

Later on, Imogen is visible having Madame Jean-Aux and Mr. Simpson inside the office. The guy requires Imogen in the event that she’s upset as the professor told her to exit the class, and you may Imogen reacts it was mortifying therefore was the men who had been making all play around. Mr. Simpson states that students cannot break clothes code, although not Imogen reacts that the skirt code cannot county the young must don an excellent bra. Imogen is like she is getting penalized for the men response. She in addition to requires Mr. Simpson just what lingerie is actually the guy using while the he could be therefore concerned with they. Simpson says to Imogen to avoid now to put on compatible underwear so you’re able to classification. Imogen responds that from now toward nobody is ever going to concern when the she actually is sporting an effective bra.

Keisha claims that they have to lookup naughty locate men and you can Frankie adds which they would also like to frighten other girls

The following day, Becky suggestions Imogen’s protest from the college or university dress code. Following the tape, Becky says to Imogen one to using Degrassi Tv to the protest usually not just create Simpson enraged however, he is able to suspend the lady, but Imogen does not want so you’re able to step-down.

Imogen is later viewed with Becky, strolling to the resource center. They both notice that the space is stuffed with females wear bras on their tees, perhaps not the lower her or him. Imogen claims one she started a trend, but her happiness are interrupted by the Mr. Simpson just who informs this lady that from up coming on the Degrassi Tv is actually from the airwaves.

The next day, Imogen is along with her notebook throughout the cafeteria. Becky following comes up with coffees. Imogen states you to she can’t faith Degrassi Tv is off the airwaves, however it is not more than yet. She informs Becky she made a keen “Anti-Degrassi Dress Password” Facerange web page, leaving Becky astonished.

In Capacity to the people, Imogen treks on university during the an effective nun’s dress. Becky tells the lady that numerous individuals noticed their Facerange page. Imogen is happy, when all of a sudden a small grouping of picketing people arrives the ways. Becky cannot eg revealing clothes he is sporting, however, Imogen has been content. Becky claims that it is a big matter, exactly what Simpson overhears and you will claims he will abide by this lady. He ends up the protest and you can says to Imogen to go with your to their workplace.

An additional afterwards, Imogen tells Mr. Simpson you to she can not be in trouble as the she failed to fool around with Degrassi Tv. The guy responds one this woman is perhaps not in trouble and giving the woman out from French category is unjust. Rather, the guy brings Imogen a way to replace the dress password.

Within the films, Imogen claims that skirt code try sexist assuming she unzips the girl hoodie, she means that she actually is dressed in an effective bra on her behalf clothing

You to definitely same big date, Imogen is seen in the class room with Becky. She will get towards the a table and you may tells folks one Simpson offered to let her alter the skirt code. She wants advice, but Frankie and you can Keisha propose too provocative details. Imogen wasn’t pregnant such solutions and you will asks Becky getting a recommendation, however, she cannot know very well what to say either.

After, Imogen consist having Becky within computer system on capital heart in addition they attempt to create a separate university skirt password. Girls have a problem to write guidelines and this won’t restrict liberty of every sex. Becky notices it doesn’t mind whatever they don but why it wear it. Each other females commit to build a paltalk profile examples gown code that will state whenever someone accidentally demonstrated its lingerie, they wouldn’t be penalized, but if they did it on purpose, they will.